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    Tramsform forged wheels co.ltd utilizes a 10,000 ton four column, hydraulic press for the production of forged circular sections including monoblock wheels blanks, deep dish wheels blanks, center disk wheels blanks, off-road wheels blanks and custom forging wheels blanks. The power of this press combined with the closed-die design allows McKees Rocks Forgings to achieve the dramatic reduction ratios that are critical to high quality forgings. All products are upset forged which means that the metal flows outward in a radial direction during forging to fill the die.

    Once the die cavity is filled, the pressure is intensified to ensure the elimination of any microscopic porosity that may have existed as a result of the casting process. This provides an extremely uniform and homogeneous grain structure in the forging. This contrasts with cast wheels which will always have some porosity caused by shrinkage of the A356 aluminum during solidification. The grain structure and directional orientation of flow lines produces greater yield and tensile strength and other physical properties than can be achieved in a cast wheel.


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